Salon Requirements and/or Recommendations for Clients While in the Salon:

Only clients receiving a service will be allowed in the salon.  Only exception is one spouse, partner, or guardian will be allowed to stay with a disabled person or child aged 12 or under. All other guests will be asked to remain outside or in their vehicle. The receptionist will contact a guest when/if needed.

Clients should arrive wearing a face covering, we will have masks and gloves available for a minimal charge.

Client temperature will be checked at arrival. If above 100.4F, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Upon arrival, client will be requested to sanitize and wash their hands with warm, soapy water for the recommended 20 seconds.

Clients will  required to adhere to the social distancing requirement of 6 feet apart between others.

Clients will be required to wear a face mask. It is recommended that a client wear a face mask to the maximum extent possible while receiving a service.  Your stylist will advise when/if at all possible to remove your mask for any reason.

To limit contact between our Staff and Client, we no longer allow overrings for cash gratuity.  Please talk to your stylist, they may be set-up to accept Venmo or Zelle payments.

However, check or cash will be accepted for payment when necessary.

If you are  providing a cash gratuity, you may place your cash in a tip envelope provided at the reception desk. The receptionist will make sure your envelope is received by your stylist.

Studio 209 Staff Promise to Our Clients: Your health and safety is our first concern.

Staff temperatures will be taken prior to work shift. If above 100.4F, they will be required to go home. If this happens to your stylist, your appointment will need to be rescheduled (unless you want another to provide service).

Face masks will be worn at all times.

Gloves will be worn when feasibly possible to do so.

Hands will be washed frequently with warm soapy water for the recommended 20 seconds.

All public areas will frequently be cleaned and disinfected.

Reception desk counter, chairs, stations, counters, trays, tools, equipment, shampoo bowls and dryer room will be cleaned and disinfected between each client.

Each new client will be draped in a clean, laundered cape